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Sante Haiti is a 501c3 non-profit medical relief organization whose founding vision is to provide free basic medical care for Haitians in need, and to aid in disease prevention and improve everyday quality of life via nutritional and health education.


After the disaster caused by hurricane Matthew recently in Haiti, hundreds of Haitians have lost their lives and thousands are affected. Sante Haiti was in the affected areas in the beginning of November 2016 to distribute food and other basic necessities. Water treatment was provided to help reduce the likely of people getting cholera, which has become a problem again due to contaminated drinking water source.

Our team was made up of Haitian volunteers who are already on the ground and foreigners who have worked with Sante Haiti in the past. We served hundreds of 500 families who were affected in the south of the country.

The help needed is enormous so we plan to continue to support those who are affected. We are counting on our supporters who have helped in the past and new partners to this worthy cause to help the Haitian population. Please be generous with your gifts.
We are tremendously thankful for your financial support. We hope that you will partner to the people of Haiti to allow us to continue to provide care to the most vulnerable of our world. We thank you for coming along with us thus far and look forward to your support ahead.